Fya is an analog photographer and graphic designer currently based in Switzerland.
The focus in her work is all around authentic and raw portraiture. With her gentle and soft nature, her goal is to empower people and make them feel confident in their own skin.
She is committed to empowering her subjects and highlights the themes surrounding femininity — creating a safe space for greater connection, beauty, rawness, collaboration and (self-)love to be experienced.​​​​​​​
Fya is continuously evolving her personal style through a wide range of clients and focusing on her personal projects, involving all types of photography from portrait to jewellery brands, fashion to women- and yoga retreats, both analog and digital.

Traveling the globe on journeys of self-development surrounded by breathtaking nature and connecting with other creative souls – this is what inspires Fya and her work the most.
Upcoming destinations 2024:
Basel, Switzerland
Cape Town, South Africa
Ibiza, Spain
Mallorca, Spain

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